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All Rise Board Game

All Rise Board Game

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Love ridiculous arguments? Are you a fan of crazy debates? All Rise is the courtroom-based party game that's going to leave everyone at your game night laughing hysterically and asking when you're going to host your next one!

  • HILARIOUS COURT CASES: Play as one of four different roles (attorney, judge, juror, or witness) in this courtroom board game as you debate your way through 1 of 65 insane cases!

  • ABSURD EVIDENCE: With over 75 beautifully illustrated evidence cards, players will be making their cases with everything from broken ski poles to incredibly potent hot sauce!

  • SHOCKING WITNESSES: Spice up your games with over 37 Surprise Witnesses to call to the stand!

  • INFINITE REPLAYABILITY: With so many ridiculous evidence cards, surprise witnesses, and cases to play through, no two playthroughs will ever be the same!

  • LOVED BY PLAYERS: Brought to life by hundreds of Kickstarter supporters, and with a score above 8.0 on Boardgame Geek, All Rise is the definitive courtroom party game and board game you’ve been looking for!

Grab your copy today and host your very own Kangaroo court!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
What a power trip!

I played as the judge, and the fact that this game encourages you to make up random rules that the others HAVE to follow is fantastic! Couldn't recommend it more!

Little Gavel Included!

Great gift for my brother and anyone who misses mock trial from high school!

Good times with good friends!

This game is best with creative friends, and after a few drinks! Would recommend!

As ridiculous as I hoped!

As a judge, I made my attorneys reference as many Spud Hut menu items as they could in their opening statements. I regret nothing.

Saw it on SMOSH Games!

Saw the gang from SMOSH play this on Board AF... Looked like a blast so I picked up a copy. Happy to say, that it was just as fun as it looked! Definitely recommend!