About Us

Rough Draft Games is a board game publisher with the goal of creating compelling and unforgettable experiences and bringing them to your tabletop. Since their first game, All Rise, was released in 2021, owners and founders Garrett Lively and Thomas Yungerberg have been hard at work bringing more oddball games to their players.

We here at Rough Draft Games strive to help you create those nights with your friends that you’ll remember for years to come.

See you around the gaming table!

  • Garrett Lively: Co-Owner/Founder

    Garrett Lively is an avid boardgamer and Kickstarter junkie. He's the father of two rescue pups and a season ticket holder to Austin FC. Garrett also loves soccer, popcorn, and watching terrible movies with Tom.

  • Thomas Yungerberg: Co-Owner/Founder

    Thomas Yungerberg is a screenwriter, playwright, and a boardgamer filled with crackpot ideas. He would like to thank all the RDG playtesters for having the patience to deal with the stuff he comes up with. He loves cookies and watching terrible movies with Gare.