Win a Free Copy of All Rise This Christmas!

Win a Free Copy of All Rise This Christmas!

Hey guys! We hope you've all cracked into the eggnog and apple cider by this point during the holidays! 

For those of you who follow us on social media, you've been able to join along as Garrett and I have counted down our top 12 games of 2023, all before we cap it all off with a giveaway of All Rise!

For those of you who have been none the wiser... Well now you're wiser!

If you want to enter to win on of the copies of All Rise we're giving away for yourself or a friend, it's simple! All you have to do is follow our account @RoughDraftGames on Instagram and leave a comment on any of our 12 countdown posts! You can even comment on all 12 posts for 12 entries if you like!

If you reeeeaaaally want those extra entries though... word on the street is that if you share our posts to your Instagram story we'll through in an extra entry for that, too!

To the obsessive compulsive goes the spoils!

Merry Christmas!

Tom and Gare
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