Bouquet Update and More RDG News!

Bouquet Update and More RDG News!

Hello Friends and Followers!

It's certainly been a while since we made an official post outside of our Instagram, but I wanted to give a brief update on some of our more recent shenanigans.

First off, Garrett and I have been hard at work pushing Bouquet to its next phase of production! We're currently in the process of file verification with Panda Games Manufacturing and we're hoping to get our hands on a physical copy of our game soon. This will be the version we send out to reviewers and take pictures of for our upcoming Kickstarter.

While it might not be our first Kickstarter, it's definitely going to be our first time taking a stab at reaching out to reviewers and previewers to drum up more support to the run-up to this Bouquet's launch. Should be exciting!

Additionally, we're plugging away with our next game in our line-up that we're still trying to fine tune the gameplay on. It combines the joys of spelling and word games with the stress of defaulting on loans... If this sounds like your jam, hit us up to join our playtesting group!

Exciting things are coming ahead to RDG so keep those eyes open! 👀👀👀

-- TOM

Shot of our project from our live TTS Mod!

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