Roll and Move: Pegleg!

Land hooooo! We’re back from the dead! As you know, we’ve been dealing with shipping issues and boardgame logistics the past couple of weeks. If you’re curious check out our Kickstarter page for the slew of updates that we’ve churned out!

But right now let’s talk a little bit about pirating! No, we’re not referring to Napster or Pirate Bay, or any other torrenting website. We’re talking about setting sail on the seven seas and getting up to no good! Frankly, this is something we’ve never done, but thankfully there’s a board game for that!

Pegleg is a card game about crude solutions to amputations and also pirating… it’s also really bad. Is it possible that this game has less going for it than Go Fish? You’ll have to walk the plank with us to find out!

Itunes â€¦  Spotify

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