Roll and Move: Sonic the Hedgehog Game

If you’ve ever played a game of Chutes and Ladders, it is extremely hard to dismiss the eerily similar feelings blinding speed and precise platforming you experienced the last time you played a Sonic game. So it’s no wonder that the 1992 hit boardgame Sonic the Hedgehog Game is nearly impossible to get your grubby little hands on for 20 years. Enter Tabletop simulator. Suddenly supply and demand becomes a thing of the past. Reprints? These virtual clunkfests will never go out of print. And most importantly, those pesky tables are now light as a feather so you can flip the entire game off the second you see your chances of victory begin to slip into an bottomless abyss, not unlike the chasm you hover over in your virtual world (don’t roll those dice too hard!).

Today the RDG boys follow their government mandated shelter in place orders and play a virtual version of a quintessential RAM game, brought to us by Steam user Stoke. Ready for the rules? Roll a die and move that many spaces! Thank God the rabid online fans took some time to implement some sweet aesthetic changes to make this a can’t miss episode!

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