Roll and Move: Three Days Until Retirement – PART 3 (THE JOURNEY BEGINS)

Metro City has been plagued by a bizarre crime spree! Someone has been stealing people’s Kidneys and selling them on the black market! Terror has gripped the city and this terrible new epidemic as taken the life of the daughter of one the candidates running for mayor. There’s a total outcry! Who can save the city from this madness!?

Today, Thomas and Jeff assume the identity of washed-up cops, Bronkus McHardface and Sleepy Napsicle in the role-playing game, Three Days to Retirement. Do these two officers have what it takes to save the city and navigate a minefield of missing organs and belligerent nurses!? Find out on this episode of Roll and Move!

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2 thoughts on “Roll and Move: Three Days Until Retirement – PART 3 (THE JOURNEY BEGINS)

  1. Oh man I was so excited and was waiting for this episode, some good stuff right here, just a couple of cops.

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    Please review this board game, it’s truly terrible. I think that this would be perfect for you guys.
    – Ian

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