Roll and Move: Three Days Until Retirement – PART 1.

A mountain of cigarette butts teeters over your small second-hand ashtray tucked away at the corner of your desk. Your fingers are still sticky from the eclairs that Mike brought in this morning, but that doesn’t stop you from picking up the ominous envelope sitting on top of the morning’s paperwork. You open it groggily. Who could blame you? You spent all last night on patrol in your police cruiser, and now the bastards are making you work the morning shift in the office… But what you see inside the envelope perks you up real quick.

It’s a message from the chief, and when the chief wants to talk one on one, it’s NEVER a good thing…

Feel invested? Good! Today on Roll and Move Thomas and Garrett spend a little alone time creating a character for the role playing game, Three Days Until Retirement by DIOXIN DUMP. If you’re a fan of cop dramas and police tropes, boy are you in luck!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the prelude to what’s sure to be a ridiculous play-through of a ridiculous RPG!

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