Roll and Move: Pun Intended

It’s an episode of pure PUNishment today. If you don’t like terrible puns, then you might PUN out of steam before the end of this episode. But we still consider it our resPUNsibility to push forward with this crap anyways…

Pun Intended is a party game created by The Game Chef that’s intended for 4-12 players with an ungodly 60 minute playing time (Thankfully, we don’t think it would take anyone nearly that long to rattle off a couple of puns to their friend).

Join the Rough Draft Games crew as we plow through a hastily made party game and talk esoterically about the nature of comedy and laughter all the while vomiting up wordplay. Right about now would be a good time to close with another pun, but quite frankly we’re sick of them and you probably are too…

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image by kam2300 on Amazon

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