Roll and Move: The Lords of Rock – Mosh Pit

Who doesn’t love a good mosh pit? The stench of sweat. The bruised rib from vicious elbows and haphazard swinging. The frantic panic that sets in when you realize you lost a contact lens somewhere down there in that frenzied forest of stomping feet…

On second thought, maybe mosh pits are better left for the youth. But board game mosh pits? Now THAT might be something we here at Rough Draft Games can do.

Today on Roll and Move, we take a look at the micro-game The Lords of Rock: Mosh Pit produced by SolarFlare Games. For those unfamiliar, micro games are supposed to be short, sweet, and easy to play… But would we be playing anything on this show that goes the way it’s supposed to? So kick back, have a listen as we explore the wonderful worlds of ancient mythology and musically accompanied pit pushing.

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Want to follow along with the episode? Check these out!

The soundtrack that Garrett got prefers to be punched in the face to
Tom’s first Mosh Pit experience
Love Letter: The Original Micro Game

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