Roll and Move: Rampage!

Today on Roll and Move we will be reviewing Rampage! No, we’re not talking about the game about giant monsters destroying cities and eating civilians… We’re talking about the game of giant monsters destroying a city and eating civilians ON CHIPBOARD AND TEXTURE PAPER. DUH!

If you can’t already tell, today’s entry is going to be a little confusing, and that’s not just because the board game we’re looking at is highly rated! Today’s game is often confused for the video game franchise of the same name, and even had to change its name to avoid a lawsuit!

SPOILER ALERT: The new name of the game is Terror in Meeple City…

So kick back, relax, and try to get your Rampage’s straight on this episode of Roll and Move!

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image by smurfofdeath

Want to follow along with the episode? Check these out!

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