Roll and Move: Army vs Aliens

Who would win: A warring species of carbon based lifeforms that still haven’t gotten around to installing that bunch of solar panels they were pressured into buying at Costco… OR, a space fairing species that has mastered FTL travel and possesses weapons that can vaporize meteorites the size of Jupiter?

Too one sided? Okay, how about they have to solve the entire planetary conflict with 6 dice and repetitive rolling mechanics? Yeah! Now we’re cooking with fire!

On this episode of Roll and Move we man the front lines to give a scrupulous rating to Wiggles 3D’s very own, Army vs. Aliens dice game! Yes it is another dice game, but this time around we get to make independence day references! Strap in and listen up for an out of this world episode!

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Want to follow along with the episode? Check these out!

The Surprisingly Well-Made Instructional Video
Welcome to EARTH

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