Roll and Move: More Dude

Duuuuuude… So reading that, can you tell me if I’m writing that in the voice of a cowboy or a robot? Can’t tell? Eh, maybe the game is best played in person. OR maybe it’s best to not play it at all!

Today the boys over at Rough Draft Games sit down with Northstar Games‘ micro-party game More Dude! Yes, it is a sequel, and yes, you will be saying the word dude a lot. If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, the game is only 5 minutes long.

But hey, that’s all just like OUR opinion man. To see what you think, pull up a seat, kick back and have a little bit of a listen!

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Wow! Six whole cards types!?

Want to follow along with the episode? Check these out!

– “What in God’s name are you blathering on about!?”
See how long you can go without killing yourself challenge
The Post in Question…

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