ThemeAddict: Not Alone

Extinction. Isolation. Splitting up into groups and becoming more vulnerable. Three key ingredients in any Sci-fi horror movie worth their weight in fake blood. Fortunately for you, these three themes are the foundation of Not Alone by Ghislain Masson. No hidden roles to hide behind in this deduction, 1 vs all game for 2-7 players.

After the 30 minute play time, the hunted may experience the following:

Image result for allow access to location
  • Extreme cases of lethargy and lack of will power
  • Always selecting the “Don’t Allow”
  • Inexplicable fear of the beach
  • Refusal to traverse a river, jungle, or swamp

Food for the Hunt

Music to play:

RDG’s Not Alone playlist

Movies to watch:

Other games to play:

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