Roll and Move: Harry Potter Triwizard Maze Game

You know how there was that one character in Harry Potter who everyone was like, REALLY afraid of? So much so, that they wouldn’t even say his name? Well, there’s a boardgame equivalent for that. It’s so dark and evil that we here at Rough Draft Games haven’t thought about it or spoken its name in well over 20 years. We’re of course talking about Trouble…

We’re not quite sure if it’s the inability to enter the game until you roll a 6, or if it’s the aneurysm-inducing POP of the “dice agitator” but there’s something about the game that really eats away at your will to go on.

Luckily, it turns out that all ya gotta do to fix it is throw on a Harry Potter theme on it and call it a day! Join us, as we take a look at the Triwizard Maze Game and flex our knowledge of Harry Potter Trivia and our undying love and devotion to the series that refuses to die!

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