Theme Addict: Sheriff of Nottingham

Tally ho charlatans! A ruse is afoot! And the culprit is none other than you! But fear not! Your skills of the silver tongue aren’t being put to use for the sake of vices… but for the sake of virtue! Robin Hood and his merry men, have made their way inside the city of Nottingham!

In order to aid them in their quest of total wealth redistribution (communism), it’s up to you to sneak in the weapons of war that they need to overthrow the bourgeoisie inside your trading nuptials! Sneak a crossbow through the city walls socked away with your wheels of cheese!

But be careful, as one of your fellow players will assume the role of Sheriff of Nottingham each round! He has the authority to search your belongings and fine you heavily. Bribe, lie, and deceive your way throughout this 45 minute test of wit to accumulate the most coin and win the day, by aiding the best shot whoever wore green tights.

Players should expect the following:

  • A somehow deeper disdain for individuals working at TSA.
  • A surprisingly visceral reaction to a button being unclasped.
  • Complete disregard for opportunity cost.
  • Bruised fruits the next time you try to store them alongside medieval weaponry.

Food (Easiest ever… It’s in the game)


  • Apples
  • Cheese
  • Bread
  • Mead
  • Chicken


Specialty Cocktail: Mead



Simmer 1/2 a gallon of water until warm. Add 2-3 lbs of honey (local honey is best). Simmer (not boil) the mixture for ~30 minutes, skimming off anything that floats to the top. Remove from heat and let cool to 100°F  and pour into a gallon glass container. When the temperature lowers to 90°F, 1/5-1/2 champagne yeast. Cap the container and shake well. Add more water to the container, leaving 3-4 inches of headroom. Take off the top and add an airlock. Set the bottle in a cool spot for 6 weeks. Open and enjoy!


RDG’s Sheriff of Nottingham Playlist

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