ThemeAddict: Evolution: The Beginning

There’s a new dawn on the horizon…

New species begin to spawn, life is lush and diverse, and resources are abundant.

But wait….

What’s what rustling in the bushes? Is it a friend or foe? Will it eat you… or will you adapt to survive?

Evolution: The Beginning, published by NorthStarGames is a quick-playing adaptation of the game Evolution, where players try to grow their species’ population, obtain new traits, or even eat their competition. Players earn points by eating (plants or enemies) and growing their populations. They can gain competitive advantages by adding traits to their species like flight, carnivore, or speed. Adapt quickly in this game of “survival of the fittest”!

After just a few rounds of playing, you may experience the following:

  • Telling your opponents “you can’t eat me, nana-nana-boo boo” immediately before she eats your population
  • An internal dilemma between being vegetarian or not
  • Wondering how it’s possible for an animal to both burrow and fly
  • Getting tired of eating the same food over and over


Here’s a list of quintessential food you can eat while enjoying Evolution: The Beginning

  • Tree Stars
  • Eggs
  • Very rare red meat
  • Collected water from your personal spring where hopefully no one else has been to contaminate it
  • Dino-Nuggets


Here’s some theme music while you try not to get eaten: RDG’s Evolution: The Beginning Playlist

Feel like you need more before your next game?

Movies and TV to Watch

Other Games to Play

  • Spore if you like adapting species from the primordial soup to the far reaches of the galaxy
  • Photosynthesis if you enjoy growing plant life
  • Dinosaur Island if you like the intersection of thousands of years of evolutionary difference (and theme parks!)

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