ThemeAddict: The Mind

You ever get jealous of that twin thing where they finish each other’s-

Jeff: Sandwiches?

…sentences? Interested in experiencing ESP? Tired of games that expect players to come into them already knowing how to count to 100? If you answered yes, yes, and no then you need to be playing The Mind by Wolfgang Warsch. And if you’re playing the Pandasaurus smash hit, you should be using this guide to craft the perfect game night.

After the 20 minute playtime, players can expect to come out feeling like exactly one of the following people:

Mind Munchies:

Mind Music

Protip: music can help you win (read cheat). We recommend The Mind Playlist (especially the last three songs) to win every time.

Feel like you need more before your next game?

Movies and TV to Watch

Other Games to Play

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