ThemeAddict: Secret Hitler

Maybe you took our advice and decided to play the Resistance. Or maybe you took a chance and gave Betrayal at House on the Hill a whirl. If your friendships have survived thus far, congratulations! Now it’s time to burn those last few tenacious relationships with a rousing game of Secret Hitler.

Secret Hitler, published by Goat, Wolf, and Cabbage (Cards Against Humanity’s Max Temkin, designer Michael Boxleiter, and Tommy Maranges) is a social deduction game based loosely upon the political landscape of 1930’s Germany with the rise of Hitler’s control. The fascists work together to pass laws that are beneficial to those in power, and seek to install Hitler as the supreme leader of the state. The liberals who make up the majority of players, must find and stop the Secret Hitler before distrust and hopelessness seep into their ranks.

After just a few rounds of playing, you may experience the following:

  • “I can’t believe you gave me 2 Fascist policies…”
  • “What are you talking about!? I GAVE YOU A LIBERAL POLICY!”
  • “Guys?”
  • “GUYS!?”
  • “Please believe me!!!”



We here at Rough Draft Games scoured the Rhineland in search of ancient religious artifacts, but gave up and found some delicious foodstuffs that are sure to make your night of Secret Hitler one to remember.


Maybe you need a little bit of music to accompany your governmental subversion. We got your back: RDG’s Secret Hitler Playlist

Feel like you need more before your next game?

Movies and TV to Watch

  • Der Untergang or any of the parodies like this. If you like playing the special role of ‘Secret Hitler’
  • Inglorious Bastards if you like ‘huntin’ naatsees’
  • The Man in the High Castle if you’re just unsure which team you’re on after a few games (or if you’re unsure if you’re dead or alive still and keep talking)

Other Games to Play

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