Roll and Move – Midnight Outburst

In this podcast episode, the boys over at Rough Draft Games sit down with their first Kickstarter backed board game, Midnight Outburst. Made in 2016, Midnight Outburst is a party game that bills itself as “TOTALLY OFFENSIVE” and “NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.” With warnings like that it’s gotta be fun, right?

Survey says… No.

Join us in this episode as we take a closer look at a game that heavily “borrows” from Family Feud and yet, still insists on using those headache inducing red-decoder screens. This fun train truly has no brakes.

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More on the episode:

The Original Midnight Outburst Kickstarter
845 Million Dollars in Revenue

haha Awesome!
The Card Reader
Dinosaurs are truly outrageous.

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