Roll And Move – CSI The Crime Game

A crime has been committed here in far more ways than a simple podcast description can document. The Rough Draft Games creators put on their sleuthing hats and sit down to play the CSI Crime Game. They’ll examine foul mechanics, God-awful turn based mystery solving, and also explore why it’s generally not a good idea to have more story based text for your readers than War and Peace. This won’t be pretty, but then again MURDER never is…

csi corkboard
Tom’s Corkboard of Clues

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Want to see what we’re chatting about? Follow the links!
Look Ma! I’m a scientist!
War and Peace

“Don’t worry about these symbols being unintuitive. We thought of everything!”
You literally need to section off a crime scene to spread the game out undisturbed
The poor souls who endured this before us…

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