ThemeAddict: Spirit Island

We here at Rough Draft Games consider ourselves truly one with nature. However, if you want to take the whole “living side by side with the plants and animals” thing to its next logical step, we recommend imbuing your very spirit into the Earth itself until you become God-Like entity that possessively dominates the land you oversee and clashes with colonizing forces that seek to bring civilization and domestication into unchecked wilderness that you love. Spirit Island is a thematic cooperative game in which you and other players assume the roles of spirit entities and must defend your home from encroaching European explorers. Designed by Eric Reuss and published by Fabled Nexus, this game is for 1-4 players and possesses an impressively welcoming spectrum of selectable difficulty. It also has some pretty dope Spirit names: Shadow Flicker Like Flame, Ocean’s Hungry Grasp. Sharp Fangs Behind The Leaves…

Players Should Expect the Following:

  • A sociopathic tendency to use Dahn villagers as a means to an end
  • An urge to do yoga to produce more spirit energy
  • General disdain for all coastal real estate
  • A greater sense of appreciation for the animated classic Fern Gully

women s white top and orange floral skirt

Food for all your island saving needs:

artistic cloth design flag

  • Hawaiian Style Pizza
  • Coconuts and Pina Coladas (if you like them…)
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Anything served at your timeshare meeting
  • Slaughtered animals offered on a raised rock and burned to a crisp

Music: RDG’s Spirit Island Playlist

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