The Art of Juggling

It’s late and I think I’m going to ramble a bit tonight…

I can’t say enough how excited I am to be going back home to Georgia to see my family over the holidays. But whenever I go home, and I inevitably see someone I haven’t talked to in a long time, I feel like I have to flip a switch in my head to go into ‘update’ mode.

My brain starts whirling, I stare into the mid-distance and I begin to rattle off the laundry list of things that I’m currently trying to accomplish.

There’s some sort of writing stuff in there (Currently 13,000 words into a novel, I’m working on a screenplay, and constantly editing older pieces of work), maybe some stuff that I’m producing (currently a run for a previously written stageplay and two different podcasts), my day job of teaching kids (currently instructing a small team that’s made it to the top 64 global teams in international public policy forum), and now I’m trying to get a board game company off the ground…

Some people, nod their heads and go: “That’s cool, man.”

Image result for boring conversation

Others ask me if I’ve had anything produced, or made any significant money. When I tell them, “No, not yet.” I can usually see the interest fade in their eyes, and I get to be the “delusional guy who doesn’t realize that he’ll never really make it” for the rest of the evening.

That second response doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, (mostly because half of it is self-imposed probably) but the THIRD response is this one:

“How do you BALANCE all of that stuff?”

My go-to answer is usually: I make good use of the calendar app on my phone.

The real answer is closer to: I’m not really sure. All I know is that when I’m not doing one of the things I listed above, I sort of feel sick to my stomach… Even when I’m home for Christmas I plan on bringing my laptop to sneak in a few work sessions whenever the sinking feeling gets too much to deal with.

But the art of my juggle comes from a deep-seeded need to create. Even if I don’t get money or fame or anything, if I’m not creating something for someone else I feel like a whale shark that’s stopped swimming. That’s how they breathe, I’m pretty sure. They gotta keep moving or they’re waiting for death.

Nah, I’m gonna spend Sunday watching the Rams game, dude! After that? Alabama’s playing, man! And then? Heh, maybe I’ll catch up on some episodes of This Week Toni– *dies*

Life will always give you a full schedule, and if I’m not careful I’ll fill every window of free time with ‘Sunday Fundays’ or ‘Netflix Binging’ or anything other than meaningful rest with people I care about.

But the good news for us is that we usually record Roll and Move episodes on Sundays.

Look gang, the bottom line here is that I will do everything I can to keep the ball rolling with everything concerning RDG. Half of that is because I feel like I’m a Whale Shark. The other half is because my Dad keeps asking me if he can buy our game from Target yet.


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