We’ll Call You…

I really hate disappointing people. And I think the problem gets a million times worse when those people are friends. Currently we’re collecting samples of art from some extremely talented artists that I’m friendly with. Not like, internet-friendly with either, I mean that I see some of these people at get togethers and other social gatherings.

I know that I’m lucky to have such an incredible group of people to pull talent from to help bring All Rise to life, but in bringing them into the project I can’t help but worry about the inevitable selection process. There’s a lot of things that will factor into that: each person’s rate, availability, and so on… But I can’t shake the thought that turning somebody down is rejection any way you look at it.

Part of me wonders if it’s more appropriate to rely on the connections that I have, but to do so in the most clinical manner possible to avoid the personal twinges of guilt. I just don’t know if that’s even possible for someone like me however…

If only I was working with more people like Garrett and Jeff. I hate those guys…

Regardless, All Rise will keep pushing forward. Be sure to keep checking back to the site, and not just for more ThemeAddict and Roll And Move episodes, but because we’re definitely going to post some of the concept art we get from our artists (not my crappy sketches like the featured pic here). Maybe you can help us choose when the time comes…



Tales from the Slack

“Sorry im busy but Gare is shit. K bye”

Jeff Lee on Garrett as a human being

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