What’cha workin on?

Accountability is a really funny thing.

It’s the reason why people share their progress towards their personal goals (weight loss, sobriety, etc.) or an excuse to humble brag (“I’ve been busting my BUTT off to buy this Tesla #ad #ElontheGOAT #StartedFromTheBottom”).

For example, my friends and I are currently in a friendly competition to run 5 miles each week (10+ for the veteran runners). We each pitched in $20 and last man standing gets the cash pot. We check-in on our weekly status with screenshots of whatever running or fitness apps we’re using. Are we doing it for the money? Not really… we’re doing it cause it gives us some skin in the game and we don’t want to be “the one that quit”. But it’s certainly helped kick start us on a healthy habit by making it fun and competitive and most importantly keeping us honest and accountable.

The same can go for this whole Rough Draft Games experiment.

Sometimes, I shy away from telling people that I helped start a company – or that I spend 3+ hours every other Sunday recording podcasts – or that I buy bad games just to play them on webcam so that I can rate and review them. It’s kind of strange to say “yeah, I started a board game company” – It feels a bit braggy and narcissistic, even though we haven’t done anything significant yet.

But it has kept me accountable. People have told me they they follow our podcasts, so I don’t want to let them down by missing an episode. Others have said how much they enjoy our Theme-Addict posts. Lastly, friends have signed up to playtest our game, All Rise.

It’s one thing to do it for ourselves, but when you start to do it for others. It makes it much easier to keep trodding along.

So what I ask of our readers is to check in on us whenever you feel like you want a status update. It helps us know who we’re doing this for and keeps us in what feels like a marathon- one step at a time.

Drop us a line at @Roughdraftgames or Roughdraftgames@gmail.com!


“I think I’m gonna stop drinking soda… after this one”

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