ThemeAddict: Sentinels of the Multiverse


Sentinels of the Multiverse is a cooperative hand management game in which players team up to defeat an over-powered super villain wreaking havoc across various environments. Designed by Greater than Games, 2-5 players will be totally immersed in the universe specifically created for the game, allowing them to become superheroes and save the world. Players can expect the following:

  • Slight depression when you have to go back to everyday activities that don’t include humorous flavor text.
  • Overactive use of onomatopoeia.
  • Always expecting for the environment to be kind enough to wait until you’re done with your turn before killing you with harsh weather.
  • Insistence that your coworker apply a bandage to your knee as you seek the glory of victory: “Shut up and heal me.”
  • Compulsion to buy a metric ton of expansion packs for this damn game.



Music: RDG’s Sentinels of the Multiverse Playlist


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