Vlogs, Blogs, and Pods

I’ll start this off like Thomas:

I’m currently sitting at my computer desk waiting for my latest unboxing video to export so that I can upload it to YouTube. It’s frustrating to complete the work on the video, be able to watch it in it’s entirety on my own PC, then have to wait upwards of half an hour before others can see it via YouTube (all 11 of you).

As you may not know, we here at Rough Draft Games have been concentrating a lot of our time lately into creating content that we hope really gives a peek into not only the creation process for our game, but also into a lot of things in the board gaming world that interest us. Originally, we wanted to create content to help build our brand. Who would buy something from us with no prior knowledge of the kind of people we are or the content we are capable of putting out? It wasn’t necessarily just a means to an end… but we certainly had ulterior motives.

I’d say we have been done with the bulk of the actual game design work for All Rise for almost half a year. At this point we are waiting for what we have created to be polished off so that it can be enjoyed by everybody through a medium other than you coming over to my apartment and playing my print and play version.

I have been pleasantly surprised during this time of waiting. I am enjoying the heck out it. Making podcasts, writing blogs about thematic board games, and shooting unboxing videos. I love sharing them with my friends and family. I love getting feedback. I love waking Jeff and Thomas up at 8 am Pacific time to play a game that is unrated on Board Game Geek via webcam and then recording us wondering how such a thing was ever made.

Admittedly, most of our content is far from polished. I am glad that we are rushing to put it out instead of rushing to put out All Rise. That being said, I can see marked improvement from episode to episode and post to post. Heck, even video to video, haha. I am glad to report to all of you that I am proud of the content we are putting out. And should All Rise be a total bust, and Rough Draft Games dissolve completely, I would have the hardest time letting go of Roll and Move.

So here is to the export process.


“Looking for a wrestling board game as we speak.”

-Jeff trying to appeal to a new market

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