Technically, I’m NOT wrong…

I’m currently sitting in between rounds in a Speech and Debate competition in Irvine California as I write this. My students at the moment are discussing whether or not the United States should accede the decrees of  the United Nation’s Law of the Sea without reservations…

Debate has been a part of my life for the last 5 years, and it’s obviously had an effect on the first game that we’ve been working on here at RDG. I honestly love debates. Whether it’s talking about issues that actually matter, or drunkenly arguing with Garrett over where fast food restaurants appear on arbitrarily assigned tier lists (McDonald’s is not THAT bad, and you’re objectively wrong Garrett).

When creating All Rise, we were able to combine debate with storytelling (another activity that I love so dearly) And as the game moves steadily towards the point in which we will publish on Kickstarter, I find myself more and more excited. We’ve gotten some amazing art samples back from some select artists, and I can’t wait to share them with you guys!

Also, I think it’s worth noting how pumped we were to have Matt Riddle, the creator of Wasteland Express Delivery Service give a shout out to our recent ThemeAddict entry on his game. Definitely, check that out if you haven’t yet…

Big things are coming.


“The creator of Wasteland Express just retweeted us.” – Garrett

“How much did you have to pay him?” – Jeff

1 thought on “Technically, I’m NOT wrong…

  1. McDonald’s isn’t THAT bad… it’s just objectively worse than Whataburger.


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