ThemeAddict: Space Alert

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Space Alert is a Cooperative, Survival game where up to 5 players race against a 10-minute soundtrack to survive. Published by Czech Games Edition players can expect to be completely stifled by feelings of anxiety as they work “together” to literally just not die. After each 30 minute game, players can expect the following:

  • Performance decrease in high stress environments
  • Increased disdain toward colleagues that “just need to double check”
  • Permanently increased feelings of existentialism, especially during car, train, and bus rides with travel times of 10 minutes or less
  • Obsession with energy conservation
  • Unbridled fury whenever anyone has the audacity to spend a moment of their life gazing out of a window

Let’s talk about your last meal. Because you’re going to die… These shareable snacks and communal hymns will certainly enhance your last moments before your cold, lifeless, body drifts off in the cold vacuum of space


Space Alert 2.jpg

  • Astronaut Ice Cream (for stress eating)
  • Cheese Whiz and GoGurt (any foods served in tubes)
  • Beef Jerky (strictly for the salt content)
  • Moonpies and Starburst
  • Anything that mixes well with tears

Music: RDG’s Space Alert Playlist*

*Please do not listen to anything other than the game’s soundtrack. You will die.

Space Alert 3.jpg

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