Married to the Game

My wife Karen and I have been together for over 4 years and as some of you know, recently tied the knot (both of the other RDG boys were Groomsmen in my wedding and didn’t get kicked out … so it was a resounding success).

Early on in our relationship, I made it clear to Karen that buying new board games and gathering up a group of friends to play was a huge hobby of mine. In fact, one of my first gifts to Karen was King of New York (to start her own board game collection).

There’s something about board games that brings ‘play’ to another social level. Sure, you could play hours of a really great video game by yourself, but nothing beats a potluck night where everyone brings a board game and a dish and we dive into hours-long debates about “not being a spy” or how we’ll just let Santiago fall to outbreaks because it’s too far and “nobody really liked that place anyways…”.

Karen has fully embraced the board game lifestyle and is always eager to help me look for new games to add to our collection, organize a game night, or try really hard to beat me in Machi Koro. You know you’ve got a keeper when you add board games to your wedding registry and she doesn’t blink an eye.

As we’ve started taking on more and more RDG tasks (creating content, working on All Rise, or figuring out the social media landscape), Karen has been nothing but supportive and keeps asking to listen to our newest podcasts pre-release. Knowing that your significant other is supporting your silly hobby and pipe dream of creating a game company and community is awesome and makes it 1000x easier to commit to the craft.

We know that many of our readers have others who play the games with (or against) them and we highly encourage you to bring them along on the ride. Our podcast Roll and Move is great for long carpools and our ThemeAddict series will help you guys host the perfect game night with friends.

Board games wouldn’t be as awesome if they weren’t social, so we’d love to hear from you as well! Let us know what your favorite games to play with friends are or a game that means a lot to you and maybe we’ll mention it in a blog or podcast soon!


“Get you someone who loves games as much as you do” – Jeff

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