Out from Under the Influence

After a brief break in the action due to weddings, a honeymoon, and my surgery, the RDG boys are back and at ‘em.

I had a fairly minor surgical procedure last week, but my medication and anesthesia both came with the addendum that I shouldn’t make any major life decisions, legally-binding and otherwise, while under their influence. I scheduled four days to recover from the surgery, during which I planned to stay off my feet, watch football, play games, and get caught up on some RDG tasks. One of those tasks was getting in contact with some artists and commissioning some mock-ups for All Rise. My medication had other plans. I was in a fog for all four of those days. Getting started up on anything requiring coherent thought processes lasting longer than 25 seconds was out of the window. In fact, I botched a perfect knowledge round in Love Letter (I still count that round as a moral victory, and I’ll have you know I came back and won the entire game*).

Fortunately for Thomas, I’ve traded in my prescriptions for ibuprofen, Jeff is back from Maui, and THREE artists have been contacted for All Rise. Fortunately for you, that all means that we are finally present enough (mentally and physically) to start releasing some content that we are super excited about.

Our first edition of ThemeAddict is going to be released this Monday (9/24) and will detail a game in which we LOVE to envelop ourselves in the theme. And since we are huge fans of loading up our plate with as many stretch goals as there are in a Pandasaurus game, Roll and Move’s first episode will be out two days later on Wednesday. I won’t spoil which game we’re previewing, but I will say that our studies have shown that fans of the CW are 6 times more likely to have played it than the average board gamer.

We are having a blast with what we’re doing, and I hope that you will be able to join in on the fun soon!


“It’s good to know that we both know the blog is more important than your physical well-being.” – Tom to Garrett

*Garrett is by far the most competitive member of his household. It’s a problem. Games are thrown to make sure that everyone else can have an enjoyable evening.

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