Here Goes Nothing…

One of us is writing this from a tiny little airport right now in Grand Rapids Michigan. It’s got a single terminal, but I’ve found a nice fake plant nestled in the corner to keep me company while I wait for the check in time of my Airbnb to come to pass…

(Also I hope WordPress has some sort of proofreading mechanism built into it’s blog posting system or this ship’s going down faster than we anticipated.)

All three of the company stooges are going to be together this weekend for a mutual friend’s wedding. This will actually be only the third time we will have all been together in the same room, since starting RDG. I’ll admit, It’s been quite challenging to establish a sense of permanence and momentum with the company when all our meetings are held over cyberspace, but the optimism is real and exciting things are ahead!

We’re currently moving forward on a couple of pieces of weekly content that we want to put out for the board game community. The first of which is a thematic blog called ThemeAddict (Oh yeah. That’s a pun for a title right there… Drink it in, man) which will be coming out each Monday! The second of which is our Roll and Move Podcast in which we break down the workings of some of the worst board games we can find. You can expect a weekly Wednesday release for that!

We couldn’t be happier to have you with us on this crazy little experiment of ours. Here’s hoping for the best.


“I can’t believe Bill is making me pay for Brunch at HIS wedding.”   – Tom to Garrett

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